The Industry’s Premier Operational Contracted Security Company

Guard Force International can support all of your Agency’s Contracted Security Needs.

GFI provides a full spectrum of security solutions: from globalized security strategies to facility-specific protection; from private physical security to comprehensive and discreet investigations.

Our operations include:

  • - Force Protection for Government Security Programs

  • - Armed and Unarmed Physical Security

  • - Perimeter Monitoring and Patrol

  • - Alarm Monitoring & Dispatch Services

  • - Point of Entry Screening, and

  • - Maritime Interdiction Support

Our highly qualified personnel are specifically trained to seamlessly integrate and compliment any federal, state and local law enforcement agency.


Our operatives and services are also available for private party contracts.


Guard Force International is the world’s leading provider of security solutions, with services available nationwide including hundreds of users and satellite offices located around and throughout the nation.


As Security Professionals Guard Force International Staff commits to...

Integrity: Be honest and highly ethical. Always do the right thing, with honorable intentions.

Respect: Treat each other and offenders as we want to be treated. Appreciate the authority given to us and use it appropriately.

Trust: Be competent and reliable. Build positive relationships.

Loyalty: Dedicate ourselves to our profession, our responsibilities and each other.

  • Armed & Unarmed Protective Security Guard Services

  • Department of State Contracting

  • Prisoner Transportation / Extradition of Fugitives

  • Strike Security & Labor Disputes

  • Cyber Security

  • Executive Protection

  • Persons and property with threats and, or threatening situations

  • Basic protection needs for both national and international scenarios