Operations Management - GFI - Security Division


Compliance Officer

Mr. Coates has come to Guard Force International as a Senior Operational Security Manager. His professional base in operational security and leadership has allowed him to hold a variety of high profile positions. He also serves as Senior Crisis Manager for GFI.


Mr. Coates is a dedicated Law Enforcement & Security Professional.

He has over 20 years of experience in the private & corporate security field. He has held many positions with his previous employer who was one of the leaders in the Private Corrections Industry. He has proven himself to be a valuable asset in the field of incident management as the Director of Internal Affairs.  He has also held multiple interim positions as a regional and nationwide director when called upon.  His management skills and experience afforded him many opportunities to participate in Special Operations which include the only international transport.

He has experience in all aspects of security, including management at a regional and nationwide level, private protective security, loss management, risk management and correctional situations. His attention to detail and his ability to provide competent testimony reduced the company from exposure to litigation and financial harm.

Larry holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. He is licensed as a Private Investigator and Security Manager in the State of Florida. Larry holds several Instructor Licenses and as developed courses designed for those new to the industry.  He has participated in training with Homeland Security and FEMA. His knowledge of the industry is vast and he continues to attend seminars and participate in training sessions


Security Manager - West Coast Region

Mr. Parker comes to Guard Force International with an extensive amount of Security & Law Enforcement expertise.  Mr. Parker served as the Operations Manager for Guard Force International &  US Extradition Service since 2006. Oversee the daily operations of the company. Plan, supervise, coordinate and review operations procedures, logistics, special projects, and personnel.  Directly or through subordinate staff interview applicants, review and or make decisions on employment and other personnel actions for the company. Supervise a 

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Regional Operations Manager

Mr. Erick White to Guard Force International with an extensive amount of Security Management expertise.

Mr. White previously severed as a Pretrial Officer for the U.S. Probations in Anchorage, Alaska.

He has a strong background in Integrated technology, procurement contracting and Drug Testing Coordinator. 

Mr. White is responsible for the Northwestern, Eastern, Western, and Central Regions for Guard Force International contracts throughout the nation.

He is directly in charge of training, logistics and

staff of 50 plus administrative assistants, field agents, and marketing division.  Prior to working for US Extradition Service he was a Security Site Supervisor. With is vast background and experience as an Operations Manager, he is a great asset to GFI.

operations for a federal contract Department of Veteran Affairs, and he currently oversees (48) locations with a security staff (275) GFI Officers.  Mr. White brings more than 20 years of combined military and private sector security experience to the GFI team. His skills range from security operations, team building and administrative support to mission-specific training.