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Guard Force Inc. provides professional protection security guard services as...

  • Armed & Unarmed Protective Security Guard Services

  • Department of State Contracting

  • Prisoner Transportation / Extradition of Fugitives

  • Strike Security & Labor Disputes

  • Cyber Security

  • Executive Protection

  • Persons and property with threats and, or threatening situations

  • Basic protection needs for both national and international scenarios

Guard Force Inc. has taken our niche of operational security and established a process for moving high risk principals with TEAMS geared for these operations. Our TEAMS composed of security operators with proven Special Forces experience as well as immediate medical response controlled from an onsite tactical operations center developed to reduce client liability to the principals involved.

Guard Force Inc. consultants will assess your needs and will recommend tailored solutions to your security concerns.Our aptitude to provide high-end protection assessments as well as provide the physical security those assessments may require. This skill sets us apart from other protection firms.

Guard Force Inc. looks forward to assessing your needs and providing a cost effective list of options for you today.

Guard Force Inc. employs TEAMS of contractors trained as, active TEAMS before deployment, which again keeps liability to the client and their principals to a minimum.


Guard Force Inc. employs TEAMS with a track record of operations in hostile environments and can bring these skill sets with levelheaded decision making services to our clients. Our Marketing Department will be tasked with meeting with your agency and accessing your concerns and needs from a proven background.

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