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Each special security officer/agent  must have the knowledge, skills, commitment, and intestinal fortitude to handle the rigorous training course of Guard Force Inc. It’s the job of GFI Academy to get agent trainees ready to serve skillfully and faithfully, and when necessary, to send students home if they aren’t fit to be GFI agents.


The basics.
The 2 weeks of training includes 120 hours of instruction in four major concentrations: academics, emergency medical, firearms training, and operational skills. Due to the sensitive nature of our industry we can provide clients and prospective clients a list of our academic course outline. For security purposes we can not list that information in an online environment.

The curriculum is a 2-week program that places strong emphasis upon leadership, ethics, and human dignity. Academic instruction provides the basics of report writing, law, automated information systems, and drug recognition, as well as leadership and ethics.


Agent trainees study a broad range of subjects that grounds them in the fundamentals of law, ethics, and behavioral science techniques. Students learn how to manage and run the division within they are assigned so they are flexible and well rounded and able to handle any situation upon graduation. Trainees must score 80 percent or better on exams.


Over the past three years, the Office of Training has graduated more than 500 Security Agents from our Basic Agent Training program. Typically, class sizes range from 1 to 10 Basic Agent trainees. The average age of these students is 30 years. Approximately 60 percent of all trainees arrive with prior law enforcement experience, while 30 percent come from a military background.


Underpinning the instruction is a rigorous 8-hour physical fitness and defensive tactics regimen designed to prepare new Special Agents to prevail in operational security scenarios.

Students receive 8 hours of firearms training including basic marksmanship, weapons safety, tactical shooting, and deadly force decision training. An integral part of Basic Agent training is an emphasis upon respect for human life, leadership and ethics, human dignity, and sound judgment in the use of deadly force.

During the training, students are required to apply their classroom knowledge in a series of increasingly demanding practical exercises designed to test leadership, decisiveness, and knowledge of procedures and techniques that will be used in the field.

In order to graduate, students must maintain an academic average of 80 percent on academic examinations, pass the firearms qualification test, successfully demonstrate leadership and sound decision-making in practical scenarios, and pass rigorous physical task tests. Upon graduation, students are sworn in as GFI Special Security Officers/Agents assigned to field offices located around the world.



Operational skills.
This concentration includes everything from defensive tactics to surveillance…from physical fitness to tactical driving. Defensive tactics training focuses on boxing and grappling, handcuffing, control holds, searches of subjects, weapon retention, and disarming techniques. Safe driving techniques are provided at our Tactical Emergency Vehicle Operations Center at the Academy. Also a full review of all operational security information to prepare our special officers/agents for work in any environment for any client.



Class leadership and instructors.
A select group of supervisory special agents from the Training Division serve as class supervisors for the session. A rotation of supervisors from our field offices—called field supervisors—also spend all 2 weeks at the Academy with the new agent trainees, providing advice, counsel, and support. The students are trained by full-time instructors from the Training Division and by experts in counter terrorism, intelligence, forensics, and other areas from across the nation. Over the course of the session, our New Agents Training Unit evaluates the trainees to make sure that they are ready to become extradition agents.

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